Our Causes

Red Deer Regional Health Foundation (RDRHF) raises and disburses funds for programs, services, and the purchase of medical equipment for the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre (RDRHC) and other facilities in Alberta Health Services (AHS) Central Zone.

Funds raised and donated through the Foundation result in a direct impact on improving healthcare.  See how your donation impacts patients and families right here at home.


Vital Monitors


Vital monitors are exactly that - vital.


Over 90,000 patients rely on vital monitors annually at the Red Deer Regional Hospital. They measure basic body functions such as heart rate and rhythm, oxygen levels and blood pressure.


Our healthcare staff use them to make clinical decisions and provide optimal care. As one of the most commonly used medical devices, chances are you or a loved one have been assessed with a vital monitor.

Right now, the Red Deer Regional Hospital is in need of two vital monitors. One is for the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the other is for the Endoscopy Department. These two departments require continuous monitoring technology to alert care teams of any critical changes in a patient’s health status. However, after this year, these two vital monitors will no longer be supported.


Canadian Pacific has generously committed to matching all donations up to $20,000 to fund one monitor for our Hospital.


Your donation will go twice as far with Canadian Pacific matching each donation. Please consider supporting this critical need for the Red Deer Regional Hospital. 




It can be heartbreaking to watch a parent sit beside their newborn’s treatment bed, unable to hold them in their arms when they are sick. This happens ever day at our hospital when an infant is diagnosed with jaundice.

Jaundice is when bilirubin, a pigment made when the liver breaks down blood cells, builds up in a baby’s body and turns their skin and eyes yellow. Left untreated, jaundice can cause brain damage or even death. This is why early treatment is crucial.

On Unit 25, the condition is treated by placing infants in a bed, under a special blue light that breaks down the bilirubin. Newborns must stay in this bed and should only be picked up to be fed, changed or if they are crying. Once settled, they are placed back under the light to continue their treatment. 

It’s unbearable for parents who want nothing more than to hold their newborn child. The longer their infant stays out of the blue light, the longer they take to heal. 

There is a Phototherapy system that doesn’t require newborns to be alone when they are sick.

With community support, the Foundation hopes to purchase two of these systems, which come in the form of a blanket. This will allow newborns at our hospital to be held, comforted and fed throughout their therapy session, promoting comfort, bonding, and higher quality developmental care. Most importantly, treatment won’t be interrupted, resulting in faster healing. 

By making a donation and supporting this critical cause, you can change the way newborns receive treatment for jaundice. Your special gift today will help our hospital fulfill this urgent need and get infants back in their parents’ arms, where they feel safe and secure.