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New equipment arrives
in Diagnostic Imaging department

TIMS Swallow.JPG

When new donor funded equipment arrives at Red Deer Hospital Centre, health professionals cannot wait to get it up and running to serve patients.

Last summer, a new state of the art TIMS Swallowing Station arrived in our hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging department, replacing an aging system.

Speech Language Pathologists perform Videofluoroscopy Swallow Studies (VFSS) by using
the TIMS system to capture high quality images of swallowing, to see how well a patient swallows food or liquid and how mouth muscles move.

This detailed analysis of a patient’s swallowing physiology allows healthcare professionals a more accurate, detailed assessment and help determine how to assist patients in managing swallowing difficulties.

Digital recordings are sent to Speech Language Pathologists work stations where they are able to study and review the images and videos in great detail, away from the active station without tying up the diagnostic equipment. The videos are able to be shared securely across Alberta Health Services network to other health professionals and can be shared with patients virtually if needed.

Thanks to donors, we’ve replaced aging equipment that serves over 120 inpatients and over 300 outpatients a year at RDRHC.

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