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Employee Giving

Each day AHS employees band together in a team effort to help our community by providing exceptional healthcare.  Each patient touched by your work goes on to touch the lives of family, friends, and neighbours.

What if you could have even greater impact?  What if you could have the best technology, the latest innovations, and the highest level of programming available for your patients?   How could your efforts impact even more people?

Our mission is to fund state-of-the-art equipment and services in the Central Zone.  With your help, we can do just that.  That's why we are asking you to make a donation through the Employee Giving Program.  Your gift directly supports the programs, services, and equipment you use every single day at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre.

Even a small payroll donation can make a big impact in just one year, and it's entirely tax deductible!

Interested in the Foundation 50/50?  

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