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Leo J. Falardeau

Endowment Scholarship

The Leo J. Falardeau Endowment Scholarship not only supports new healthcare professionals who are just getting started, but it also encourages those young professionals to stay and practice their skills here in Central Alberta. "My late wife Lucille received such excellent, attentive care when she was ill that I wanted to give back in some way. A scholarship fund to encourage and support high academic achievers seemed to be a good way to give back and make a difference." - (The Late) Leo J. Falardeau.


Each year, the Leo J. Falardeau Endowment Scholarship is awarded to up to six applicants wishing to pursue advanced education in nursing, cardiology, pulmonary medicine, or general medicine and who has his/her permanent address within 100 kilometers of Red Deer. The scholarship may be withheld if a suitable candidate is not identified.  The scholarship may cover the following levels of education:


  • Courses (for academic credit) from a certified educational institution (college, university, technical institution)

  • Clinical certification programs

  • Accredited programs in nursing, cardiology, pulmonary medicine, or general medicine



  • Must be currently enrolled in a minimum two (2) year fully accredited nursing, cardiology, pulmonary or general medical education program.

  • Must have already successfully completed at least 50% of this program.

  • Must be eligible for employment with Alberta Health Services within the Red Deer area.

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

  • Must provide transcripts & confirmation of enrollment from the registrar.

  • Must have a permanent address within a 100km radius of Red Deer.

  • Must be eligible and willing to work within a 100km radius of Red Deer.

  • Must demonstrate outstanding aptitude, academic and professional ability.

  • The successful candidate must provide his/her social insurance number.

Upon meeting all of the above requirements, applicants will be selected according to their demonstrated leadership, participation, and volunteerism in their communities.  Academic ability and propensity to fulfill the aims and purpose of the scholarship will also be considered.



Applications are accepted until March 1st, 2023.  


Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


Applications should be returned (with all required documentation) to:


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