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Women Leading Philanthropy

About Women Leading Philanthropy at Red Deer Regional Health Foundation

Women Leading Philanthropy (WLP) at Red Deer Regional Health Foundation is a dynamic group of community-driven women who are dedicated to creating significant advancements in healthcare. Through their support of innovative women's initiatives, WLP members play a vital role in driving positive change and improving patient care in the Central Zone.


A Unique Philanthropic Approach

At Red Deer Regional Health Foundation, WLP represents a distinct and focused giving circle that embodies active participation and empowerment. This program actively engages donors in decision-making processes, fostering a collaborative environment where like-minded women of diverse backgrounds unite to effect change in healthcare. WLP is dedicated to supporting innovative women's health-care projects through engaged, collective, and active philanthropy. Donors of WLP have the opportunity to make a significant impact by directing their giving to this program through generous annual gifts or convenient monthly donations.

Connecting Donors and Healthcare Professionals

Through the WLP program, female philanthropists are directly connected with female physicians, specialists, and healthcare professionals in the Central Zone. This connection enables them to support innovative initiatives and educational endeavors aimed at driving meaningful change and advancements in healthcare delivery.

Empowering Women for Change

United in their commitment to innovation and positive change, WLP members select and fund women's health initiatives that have a direct impact on patient care and shape the future of healthcare delivery. Together, members of the WLP program empower women to actively transform healthcare in our region, both now and in the future.

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Purposeful Change: Women's Philanthropy Symposium

May 29, 20204 - 2pm to 4pm 

Location Holiday Inn South - Red Deer

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