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George Blair Scholarship

The George Blair Scholarship is for an individual pursuing a career in the field of Licensed Practical Nurse, Health Care Aide, or a Unit Clerk. This scholarship is made available annually by George Blair who had occasion to be admitted to the hospital and found the medical staff to be excellent and knew that they can make all the difference in a patient’s recovery. George’s intent in establishing this scholarship was to encourage people to enter into these healthcare fields to show compassion and care for the patients they serve.


Through his scholarship, George wanted to promote recruitment and retention of committed and compassionate trained medical professionals.  This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who resides in or has his/her permanent address within 100 kilometers of Red Deer. The scholarship may be withheld if a suitable candidate is not identified in any given year.  



The scholarship is awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Selection Committee, to an individual who is pursuing a career as a Licensed Practical Nurse, Health Care Aide or a Unit Clerk. Recipients must meet the following criteria:


  • All applicants must follow the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation’s scholarship application processes.

  • Program or coursework must result in the recipient being eligible for employment in the Red Deer area.

  • Must be currently enrolled in one of the above programs.

  • Must provide transcripts & confirmation of enrollment from the registrar.

  • Must demonstrate outstanding aptitude, academic and professional ability.

  • Must have a permanent address within a 100km radius of Red Deer.

  • A successful candidate must provide his/her social insurance number



Applications are accepted until March 1st, 2023.  


Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


Applications should be returned (with all required documentation) to:


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