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Queen Elizabeth II


The Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship was established in 1990 to commemorate the official opening of Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre’s new pediatric unit and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s visit. Thanks to generous contributions from The City of Red Deer, Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre and private donors, the Red Deer Regional Health Foundation awards this scholarship annually.  Each year, the Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship is awarded to an individual who has his/her permanent address within 100 kilometres of Red Deer and is pursuing advanced education or knowledge in pediatrics or neonatology. The scholarship may be withheld if a suitable candidate is not identified.


Successful applicants will receive $1,000 toward:

  • Workshops/conferences focusing on pediatrics or neonatology

  • Clinic certification programs

  • Courses (for academic credit) from a certified educational institution

  • An accredited program in laboratory services



Applicants must fulfill several requirements in order to be considered eligible for the Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship:

  • Must be working in or studying pediatrics or neonatology.

  • Must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

  • Must have a permanent address within a 100km radius of Red Deer.

  • Must provide transcripts & confirmation of enrollment from the registrar.

  • Must demonstrate outstanding aptitude, academic, and professional ability.

  • The successful candidate must provide his/her social insurance number



Applications are accepted until March 1st, 2024. 


Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


Applications should be returned (with all required documentation) to:


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