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Enhancing care in the Obstetrical Operating Room

We were recently able to purchase new equipment for the Obstetrical OR at Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre, including an infant Cardiac Monitor. The Obstetrical OR previously shared a cardiac monitor with the NICU, but now a monitor is readily available for both units. This equipment means nurses and doctors can see an accurate reading of a baby's heart rate during an emergency.


We also funded replacement Megadyne pads, which provide grounding in surgeries where an electrical cautery is in use. The Foundation funded the previous Megadyne pads. When the time came for replacements, turning to disposable grounding pads was less attractive, as there would be excess waste and some risk of burns to patients' skin. An added benefit? The Megadyne pads provide our moms with soft padding, a small measure of additional comfort.


Yellow Fin stirrups and boots also add to our moms' comfort. They are very supportive and nicely padded. The new set means they do not have to be shared between operating rooms.


Also funded were Zeppelin clamps. When the Zeppelin clamps are needed, they are needed in a hurry. The new Zeppelins are available immediately in an emergency, as they remove the need to borrow from the main OR.


We're proud to provide for moms and babies, and we couldn't do it without you.

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