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How you're helping children in the Emergency Department

When sick or injured children are being treated in the Emergency Department, the experience can be stressful for the little ones and their parents.


Registered Nurse Kendra Morrison saw this problem when she worked with young children and was inspired to find a solution. With her advice and the help of generous donors like you, we were able to fund tablets to be used in the Emergency Department at the Red Deer Hospital to distract and soothe kids while they receive treatment.

The tablets are used during lab tests or procedures that might be stressful to the child. The tablets help avoid situations where a child might otherwise have to be restrained or sedated in order to receive treatment.


The tablets became available to patients in early February, and there has already been positive feedback, particularly from parents who might otherwise be using their own mobile devices to distract their children. Morrison said, "In one instance, the little patient had come from Olds, and one parent stayed in Olds while the other was here. The parent here was very grateful for the simple fact that he could still use his phone to talk to his wife, and the little girl was distracted and comfortable and wasn’t fussing."


We're proud of the AHS staff who had this idea and thankful to our donors for making this solution a reality!

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