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Dr. Rabia Usman joins the team at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre

The Internal Medicine Department at the Red Deer Regional Hospital welcomes Dr. Rabia Usman.

Dr. Usman trained at Fatima Jinnah Medical University in Lahore, Pakistan and completed her residency at Griffin Hospital, Connecticut, USA where she received certification from the American Board of Internal Medicine. Her interests in medicine include endocrinology and primary care. She currently resides in Red Deer with her husband and two sons. 

"Medicine is a field that evolves continuously and so should we," Dr. Usman told the Foundation. She explained how the latest technology and equipment increases efficiency and proves to be very helpful and convenient. "It is a great incentive when you are looking to establish practice."

This is Dr. Usman's first job after finishing residency. She says, "I am looking forward to working independently. I am excited to make new connections professionally and personally."

"I am looking forward to dealing with diverse medical cases as Red Deer Hospital is a regional referral centre. The presence of multiple specialties on site would be an asset for my professional growth."

Dr. Usman says Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre is a perfect match for her as an Internist because she will be dealing with diverse cases not just medically but also culturally. "I am looking forward to working with physicians from all around the world."


Welcome, Dr. Usman!

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